Tuesday, April 20, 2010

S&W lesson on the 20 of April

Everyone please put in your timing for today's 2.4km run and your aim for the future. Please be realistic. Please also write down how you can improve.


  1. My timing- !4mins
    Aim for the future - 12mins

  2. My timing is 16.40mins
    My aim is 16.00mins

  3. My timing : 20 min
    My aim : 17 min

  4. Timing: 18min

    Aim: 16min

    By practising weekly

  5. My timing: 19 min
    My aim : 16 min

  6. My timing: 13min
    My aim: <12min

    Improving Ways: By running long distance weekly to improve my stamina.

  7. Around 17 mins
    My aim: 15 mins
    By practicing more regularly.

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  9. My Timing : 22 min 41 s
    My Aim : 18 min

    I will try to achieve my target by running long distances on weekends.

  10. My Timing : 14min 30s
    My Aim : 13min

    Practice running long distances on weekends. Or run to school instead :D

  11. my timing : 16 min and 20s
    my aim : 15 min

    The actions i will take to improve my timing for the 2.4 km run
    1)Plan my route by keeping in mind my speed, the distance and the time it takes for me to get tired.
    2)Practice running on weekends

  12. My timing: 22min 41 secs
    AIM: 16-18mins

    I will train a few weeks before the test to see whats my comfortable pace and try to improve each time i jog/run again

  13. My Timing: 22min 41s =.=
    Aim: 16-18min

    I will try to build my stamina...?

  14. My timing: 12min
    My aim: 11min
    I can improve my timing by regular training(I have it already during my basketball training). Do not eat or drink too much just before the run of 2.4km.

  15. my timing: 16 minutes and 30 seconds

    aim: 15 mins

    i can reduce my speed to make a consistent run instead of fast sprints and jerked back to a slow walk.

    i will not eat or drink anything right before the 2.4 km run.

  16. Timing: 13++ minutes
    Aim:12 mins

    Train more and eat breakfast.

  17. Timing: 13 minutes
    Aim: 12.5 minutes

    I must jog throughout the 2.4km run and sprint only when necessary so as to conserve energy; I will also remember to have breakfast before the run.

  18. Timing: 14 min 45 sec
    Aim: 13 min

    Practice running as I do not have a lot of stamina.

  19. My timing was 14 minutes
    My aim is 13 minutes

    I must train my mental and physical strengh so I will be more determined and my body can take the stress more easily.

  20. My timing- 13mins +
    Aim - 12mins +

    Train harder