Monday, July 26, 2010

Games during lunch

We have been playing captain's ball for 4, 5 months.
DO you think we should change the game we play during lunch?
What game should we play?
Should we create our own game?
Write down your thoughts!


  1. Handball!
    Captains Ball!
    Poison Ball(can move around in the hall)!
    Chain Catching!
    Thanks a lot!

  2. There are many other types of ball games but if we want to change the game, such as to basketball, we have to ensure that most of us know the way to play it and the rules of the game. Otherwise the game will not achieve the goal of bonding 101 together.

    Personally I prefer Captain's Ball.

    Thank you for putting this survey up! :P


  3. Monkey & Dodge Ball should not be played.

    I think you should play handball and practice your skills.

    Keep up the regular playing.

  4. Ooh.. I personally think we should stick with captainsball since more people can play. But if everyone wants to play handball, that's fine. O_O

  5. I am not sure, I am okay with anything unless it is too violent. (for the sake of everyone and my spectacles)